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A whole different world, a Ugandan experience

From Peter Bernhardt's journal: "For myself, I am glad to have made a difference in some small way. But in the end, I received more than I gave – and that was the best gift of all." -- Peter Bernhardt, President, PC Construction Company Read more (PDF).

Folino's doing good business the Vermont way

When Folino's (wood-fired pizza pies) customers purchase a $20 gift "certifa-stick," $10 from each stick purchased will be donated to the 52 Kids Foundation. Read more.

Community and Public Health Nursing in Uganda

Undergraduate nursing students in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences visited Uganda for a course focused on population health and community partnerships. Read more.

Leading for Reading program

With the help of teacher Mary Muroski, Charlotte Central School (CCS) sixth grade class raises $6,237 for solar panels for 52 Kids' dormitory. Read more.

Architect Rolf Kielman

Giving back- Architect Rolf Kielman joins in the charity challenge.

UVM's nursing program goes to Uganda

University of Vermont nursing students spent 3 weeks with 52 Kids Foundation. View the audio slideshow from UVM.

Jagger Koerner (52 Kids Founder) makes dean's list all four quarter attending Simon Business School.

Jagger was also awarded the designation of Gleason Fellow given for outstanding academic performance, and later participated in the White Coat ceremony on August 19 for incoming freshmen attending the University of Rochester's Medical School.

Kennedy Family makes a difference

May 2010

Doug and Barb Kennedy along with their four daughters, Rachel, Becca, Joanie and Laura took 2 weeks out of their busy schedule to make their way to Kamuli Uganda. Once there, they started working on individual projects that they had investigated and planned for before traveling to Uganda. Barb, Doug, Laura and Rachel worked on health assessments using age appropriate growth charts, weights, BMI, blood pressure and also performed general dental and eye exams. Rachel and Barb explored the issues of menstruation with women in Kamuli through surveys and discussion groups. The goal of the group discussions was to minimize days lost from school due to menstrual flow. They worked with a Ugandan company that makes washable, reusable cotton sanitary napkins that they distributed to the girls. These napkins solve a common problem and may be a source for future income generating activities. Becca and Joanie were planning to meet with a group from Educate (a local nonprofit working on leadership skills) to try to bring leadership workshops to the older kids that the 52 kids foundation supports. Becca was also planning on working with Julie the dorm mother to create activities and a curriculum for the younger kids living at the dorm. Doug worked with Frank Woitera to get a desk top computer for the dorm for the kids to use after school and with the potential to be used as a internet café for the local residents during the day.

University of Vermont Nursing Study Abroad Program

June 2010

52 Kids has officially partnered with the University of Vermont's nursing program under the guidance of Sarah Abrams. Sarah is the Associate Dean of curriculum and operations for the college of nursing and health sciences at the University of Vermont. The partnership was formed to facilitate a 6 credit nursing study abroad program. The program will explore public health in the rural town of Kamuli, Uganda. Sarah traveled with Dr. Sue Shane (Shelburne), Kathryn Mitchell (senior nursing student, UVM) and Katherine Scovner (1st year medical student, UVM) in order to gather the necessary information to plan out the upcoming course. Students will be able to work at the local Kamuli Mission Hospital as well as interact with the community at large. 30 nursing students signed up for the trip but only 10 will be selected to go. Professor Abrams will be accompanied by Lecturer Monica Onyango out of Boston University's school of public health. The team will depart on the 30th of December.

Fourth Annual Leadership Award travelers return home.

June 2010

7 high school students picked out of 20 applicants from Chittenden County successfully traveled to Kamuli Uganda and had what many described as a life changing experience. Barron Holmes (California), Ben Teasdale, Derrik Blood, Amanda Comi. Eric McClain, Mellissa Kungis and Kendal Berry all from Chittenden County traveled with Pete and Colleen Brady from July 7th through July 21. They departed from Montreal and arrived in London in the morning where they took a half day bike tour of the city. The following morning they arrived in Entebbe and were met by the 52 kids' staff members. After a 4 hr bus ride they found their new home, a small comfortable bed and breakfast in the town of 30,000 citizens named Kamuli.

Chittenden South Supervisory District

August 2010

Coleen Brady and Mary Muroski (primary teachers working at Charlotte Central High School) have combined their efforts in offering a global education opportunity to teachers in the CSSD. The unit will make use of the recently completed dormitory in Kamuli that houses 25 of the Foundations orphaned and vulnerable children. The fully functional dorm has a high speed internet access and desktop computer. This enables classes here in Vermont to meet and greet in real time their sister classmates in Uganda. Through live Skype session the students from both countries will get an inside view to different cultures and aspects of living half a world apart. It is the goal of the program to unite students and teachers from Shelburne, Charlotte, Hinesburg and Williston to work and study in a community based learning environment that is so essential in today's workplace. At the conclusion of the study unit all the students will participate in fund raising for a particular child or project of their choice.

Que/Rico-VPO and Student Partnership Worldwide (SPW)

August 2010

52 Kids Foundation has signed a long term agreement with Volunteer Project Overseas. VPO is a large non-profit organization that provides volunteer opportunities and capacity building in 6 countries would wide. They are based out of the UK. Kamuli is the second location in Uganda that will carry out its mission with the help of the 52 Kids Foundation. SPW (Student Partnership World Wide) is also sending volunteers to Kamuli to help advance the Foundations mission of: Teach Ugandan children to flourish without aid.

52 kids staff tours with President Museveni

August 2010

President Museveni tours with Chris Dhizaala, executive director for 52 kids. Mr. Dhizaala and President Museveni toured the communities in which the Foundation is working. President Museveni saw projects the Foundation is working on including fuel efficient stoves, tree planting, water projects and family sanitation. Mr. Dhizaala's brother is currently running for LC5 (governor) of the Kamuli District the second largest district in Uganda.

Ruarri Serpa is partnering with 52 Kids, fund raising for Kamuli Computer Lab.

August 20, 2010

Serpa graduated from Brewster Academy '06  in Wolfeboro, NH and UVM '10, with a B.A. Political Science. He spent last summer in Uganda and Rwanda studying the conflict in Northern Uganda, and the genocide in Rwanda. He is now putting his efforts into establishing a computer lab with 52 Kids. Read Serpa's blog.

Acoustic Music in the Loft at Shelburne Vineyard

April 20, 2010

Come out and support 52 Kids at a free concert at Shelburne Vineyards. Meet the winemaker and enjoy wine by the glass.

Run for Life

Save the date: April 1, 2010

We designed the Run for Life program to build on and improve our on-going collaboration with CVU high school athletics. CVU soccer has been supporting us for the last three years. In the Run for Life program student athletes get sponsors from the community to commit X cents/dollars per mile that the student logs in preseason training. The athletes can combine forces and make teams to raise money for a specific project, like sponsoring a student's education for a year. We are working on creating an online database to allow the teams to log their miles/money raised and for teams in different schools to compete to log the most preseason training. It is great to be able to start this program at CVU, and coaches/athletes in other schools are very receptive to the idea as well.

Edmunds Middle School Uganda Unit Kick Off

December 22, 2009

The 52 Kids Foundation partnered with Edmunds Middle School to enhance their unit exploring Uganda. Thanks to UVM and the Tarrant Foundation the classroom was equipped with a large touch screen monitor (among many other tech improvements). We connected the Edmunds students over the Internet directly to Uganda with video and audio. They were able to talk with Frank Woitera, who oversees our operations in Uganda. The students in Vermont were able to ask Frank questions and interact half-a-world away in a really extraordinary way. Ned Castle developed the content for our middle school education program, called Education Link. Interested educators can view the program's content, and see how it matches up with the Vermont Framework of Standards.

Fantasy Hockey

December 20, 2009

The Thursday Night Hockey Group from Burlington VT (who raised $5,000 to build a well) is at it again with an innovative fundraiser based on fantasy hockey. The Foundation partnered up with a software developer to make a custom fantasy league for the Thursday night group. Players pick their team from a list of all the other players in the group, who each have odds of scoring a goal assigned to them. After eight weeks the person who picked the best team gets a big reward: free dinner at the group hangout, the Windjammer Restaurant, for the next eight weeks. The Foundation raises money by charging a fee to enter teams in the competition and to trade players. We are glad that the group is both raising money and enjoying the fantasy hockey league. This fundraiser has a lot of potential to be used in many men's leagues, and can be used with any sport.

Dorm Complete

December 10, 2009

New completed dormsThe dorm has been completed and the final preparations are being made for the students to move in. This is a very exciting time because we can now try out some ideas, and get new ideas, about what extra-curricular activities will be the most beneficial. Since learning English (the official language of Ugandan higher education) is so critical, a well stocked library and computer program such as Rosetta Stone are some of the first resources that we will add to the dorm. Agricultural projects and small business projects are also in the works.

Nursing Study Abroad

November 24, 2009

We have partnered with the UVM School of Nursing to help facilitate a nursing study abroad program. The nursing school has seen a dramatic increase among students interested in studying abroad, and the Foundation is eager to help facilitate this program. The program is led by Sarah Abrams at UVM and will be starting in the coming year. Details about the program goals for both the UVM nursing students and the communities in Kamuli, Uganda are forthcoming.