-inspire young people to do great things- 

Since 2004 we have strived to advance sustainable progress and enterprise in Kamuli, Uganda and empower over sixty Ugandan children to live positively without aid. We don't do "aide as usual." We believe in the power of education, empowerment, and employment. Education is a stepping-stone to greater things and with strong community support, good health and nutrition, our members are empowered to reach their full potential, and ultimately, establish and sustain economic independence.

our principles

  • Education is the best way to defeat poverty.
  • Gender equality is a fundamental right.
  • Role models can initiate behavioral change.
  • Even very poor people will purchase something they value.
  • Funds should be invested to provide opportunities, and not to mandate a specific outcome.
  • Local people equipped with knowledge & opportunity are the most able to develop new ideas, business, and create social change.

how do we do it?

We cover school fees for children who would otherwise not be able to attend school. We cover medical expenses, build water wells and safe, fuel-efficient stoves. We have built a dormitory to cut down on long commutes to school, often a barrier to consistent attendance. We provide career oriented counseling and assist in post-school job placement. We also do much more. Check out our special projects.