I wish every person could experience this trip. It’s not a vacation, it’s not a scenic tour; it’s a different world view. It’s an opportunity to change the world and change yourself.
— Kendra Wilkins, Shelburne, VT

high school leadership program 

This is an intense and rewarding volunteer experience abroad for high school students who are interested in an academic or career tracks in international development, medicine, and non-profit work. The tip offers a glimpse into daily life in Africa and is rich in exchanges with Ugandan peers. This program is intended to help students break from any comfort zones, zero in on what they are really interested in before college, and build their leadership capabilities on a cross-cultural platform.

FIELD SERVICE residency program

This is a minimum four month position that allows a volunteer to travel to Kamuli, live in our refurbished dormitory, and help promote our work of teaching Ugandan children to live without aid. Your main role will be coordinating activities between our U.S. office in Vermont and Uganda, as well as identifying problems and brainstorming solutions. Most importantly, you will be collaborating with local staff in developing best practices for managing an international non-profit. 



This trip will challenge assumptions and change perspectives. You will participate in workshops, exchanges, and activities to cultivate your understanding of the Kamuli culture and the experience of non-profit work in Uganda. There will be various service projects, such as building fuel efficient stoves, but time to soak up the unique, rich culture of Uganda and explore nearby cities. This program is designed to foster a unique cross-cultural skill-set in addressing global issues.