This is an intense and rewarding volunteer experience abroad for high school students who are interested in an academic or career tracks in international development, medicine, and non-profit work. The tip offers a glimpse into daily life in Africa and is rich in exchanges with Ugandan peers. This program is intended to help students break from any comfort zones, zero in on what they are really interested in before college, and build their leadership capabilities on a cross-cultural platform.

High School Students will...

•    Volunteer in various service projects
•    Participate in traditional activities
•    Exchange ideas with Ugandan peers
•    Explore the cities of Jinga and Kampala
•    Attend cultural workshops & lectures
•    Overnight home stays with local family

Example Schedule: Day 5

7:30AM: Breakfast and Morning Prep
9:00AM: Build fuel-efficient stove with community for 52 Kids’ family.
12:30PM: Lunch and Exchange with Secondary students at 52 Kids’ dormitory
1:30PM: Rest at residence
3:00PM: Learn traditional Ugandan Drums Lesson with Local Dance Team & drummers
5:00PM: Visit local boar hole and experience carrying jerry can back to 52 Kids’ household. 
7:00PM: Debriefing dinner back at residency. Theme: “Waiting on Water” initiative. 
9:00PM Snooker and ‘Hang Out’ time. 


Cost: $1,950 per student
    +Air Fare & Valid Passport
    +Immunizations & Malaria Medicine
    +Emergency Travel/Health Insurance
Estimated cost: $3,300

Requirements of Volunteer:
      +Pre-Departure Cultural & Mission Meeting
      +Pre-Departure Health & Safety Meeting
      +Individual or Group Fundraiser for 52 Kids
      +Sign Memorandum of Understanding